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All Paranormal...All The Time. Para X Radio offers the best in paranormal programming with live shows every day ranging from ghosts, to psychics, to Ufo's. If its about the paranormal. Its at Para X.

Ghost Chatter Chicks

Jimmy Morris has signed on as lead investigator for PAST, Paranormal Association of Spirit Trackers that will investigate for the new tv series Spirit Diaries  Look for them soon on a tv near you.

The PAST team was created by Jimmy Morris and is part of the TPR Family.

Residential Cases
TPR adheres to a strict policy regarding client privacy. For this reason we do not post locations, times, or dates for residential investigations.

Ghost Chatter Radio
Ghost Chatter Radio podcasts can be heard at Podomatic.

Youth Investigators
Texas Paranormal Research believes that in order to have good solid paranormal groups in our future, we need to start with our interested youths today. Our youth investigators consist of youths ranging in age from 10 to 16. They accompany TPR members on approved investigations and are taught the fundamentals of paranormal investigating and to respect other teams, the paranormal field, and above all else.....The Spirits. If you feel you have what it takes to be a youth investigator, contact us today. NOTE: In order to be a youth investigator, your parent or guardian must accompany you on all investigations.

TPRT Chapters
Texas Paranormal Research currently serves all of Texas with dedicated chapters in Central and West Texas, Dallas, Houston, and Austin. Lubbock chapter is coming soon. Please see Chapter Page for more details.

Membership in TPR is free. All it takes is a commitment to the team and the paranormal field of study. If you are interested in coming on board with us, just drop us a line using our contact page.

Featured Team

TPR Featured Team Announced Soon.

Welcome to TPRT

TPR is a federally registered organization founded in 2002 whose mission is to investigate paranormal activity and to identify, classify, and deal with paranormal activity wherever it may occur. We are based in San Angelo Texas with teams in Austin, Dallas, and Houston. San Antonio will be added to the list very soon. TPR is networked with many affiliate and family groups and is also a member of the Hostile Haunts Network. We also investigate cases that center around animals where paranormal activity may be affecting them.

Current Events

If you feel you are being haunted, please contact us today at

Texas Paranormal Research is the official investigating team of the America's Most Proclaimed Haunted Places book series.  Check it out at

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Upcoming Investigations or Events

Currently working 4 active residential cases

Date: Feb 2016 Travel Channel Filming.

Jimmy Morris has just finished filming for Travel Channels series Mysteries At The National Park to air later this year.

Date: Mar 2016 Working on a hill country investigation at a Texas Historic Site.


Date: July


Summer Campout and Training Session for two days in July.  Dates and location to be announced.


Do You Need Help?

TPR is standing by to assist you with any paranormal activity you may be experiencing. We never charge a fee for our services and your case is kept strictly confidential. Contact us today using the Contact Form or email to

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